Excellence. We believe in providing the highest quality patient care and safety through interdisciplinary collaboration with the members of the healthcare team. We incorporate new knowledge and evidence-based practice in our care delivery. Patient Education is a key component of our care.
Outcomes. We are focused on holistic patient-care outcomes and we evaluate our performance through monitoring of nursing-sensitive indicators, including patient satisfaction surveys. We believe in continuous improvement and compare ourselves with appropriate benchmarks.
Governance. The nurses are provided with a governance structure that promotes active participation, decision-making, professional growth and organizational involvement. Collectively, and with shared vision, nursing leaders and nursing staff are responsible for the effective management and professional leadership throughout all departments.
Healthy Work Environment. We believe in promoting an environment that promotes patient and staff safety. We encourage our staff, patients, and family to play a key role in maintaining a safe work environment. Recruitment, retention, and educational efforts are continually assessed and evaluated to assure competent staff.

Lifelong Learning. We value the acquisition of knowledge and skills through formal and continuing education, competency-development, and specialty certification. We recognize the work of educators, preceptors and mentors in assisting our staff as they move from novices to experts. Through example, all professional staff assists co-workers and students in developing and demonstrating acceptable, professional demeanor towards patients, families and other disciplines. We encourage learning through networking with professional associations.
Ethical Practice. We advocate for, and adhere to, the Patient Bill of Rights. We provide care following the provision and scope of the New Jersey Nursing Practice Act. We subscribe to the Code of Ethics for Nurses by the American Nurses Association.
Goal-Orientation. Our performance is based on mutually established goals. Our plan of care encourages patients and their families to be active participants in their care. The members of the healthcare team drive toward the accomplishment of patient-centered goals. We are committed to empowering patients and their families by providing them with information, education, referral services.
Accountability and Autonomy. We value the contribution of each staff member. We assume accountability and responsibility for our actions. Our staff members are given authority and autonomy commensurate with their responsibilities and act within the scope of their practice.
Cultural Diversity and Community Involvement. We support the provision of culturally-competent and linguistically-appropriate care to all patients we serve. Services are available to individuals regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, and handicap, and are provided in a non-discriminatory manner regardless of ability to pay for services. We recognize individual differences and value our collective strength in providing high quality care.
Year-long and Continuous Improvement. We are committed to performance improvement and continuous improvement. We comply with regulatory requirements and standards of care form various professional organizations and other agencies.