The Mission Services Department at East Orange General Hospital (EOGH) provides religious, spiritual and emotional support to patients, their families and hospital staff members 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

The Department has been dedicated to bridging the gap and acting in the capacity as liaison between East Orange General Hospital, patients and the communities that EOGH serves.

Our chaplains are clinically trained, ordained ministers who understand the special needs of hospital patients, their families and hospital staff members. We provide intensive pastoral care, respond to referrals, trauma and all crisis calls, conduct patient religious assessments, provide end-of-life pastoral care to patients and their families and conduct religious services.

Mission Services’ mantra, at all times is to serve the employees and community members and this is exemplified by the assisting in the administration in such programs as: Employee Emergency Relief Fund Project BREAD (Bringing Resources to Employees and Dependents) and the Coat Depot, our second year coat giveaway program!